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    Rule of Law
    Since its creation more than 20 years ago, ICE has
    specialized in strengthening the rule of law as the
    foundation of democracy, legality, political pluralism,
    and good governance.
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    Local development
    ICE is involved in a bottom-up approach: it supports
    local initiatives, by creating good conditions for a
    dialogue between decentralized authorities and civil
    society organizations. It aims at the establishment of
    consultation frameworks in support sustainable
    economic development.
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    Civil Society & Non-state actors
    ICE has competence in capacity building of civil society
    and non-state actors to involve them in the definition
    and implementation of the state development
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    Governance & Organisation
    ICE is a specialist in institutional and organizational
    strengthening of public, parapublic and private
    institutions, including civil society organizations in
    transition and developing countries (LDCs PVD). The
    aim is to ensure better coordination of the various
    actors involved in decision-making process:
    management, human resources management,
    redefinition of the powers and tasks, logistics.
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    Justice Reform
    ICE provides technical assistance to governments and
    administrations in developing and strengthening their
    judicial and penitentiary systems, to support their
    modernization processes in agreement with
    international standards.
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    Evaluation & Monitoring
    Experienced in managing complex projects, the ICE
    team consists of top consultants in monitoring and
    evaluation of programs towards the public sector. They
    developed a series of innovative tools and
    methodologies in strategic intelligence, needs
    assessment, feasibility studies, comparative analyzes
    and benchmarking.
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    ICE is heavily involved in the energy transition of the
    signatory States of major international commitments
    and partner states of development assistance under
    the support programs for the energy transition. In
    respect of environment, and climate, ICE supports
    scientific excellence, industrial leadership and societal
    challenges for the promotion of clean and safe energy,
    intelligent and green future transport.
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    Conflict Prevention
    ICE believes in peace education and in the efficiency of
    multi-party dialogue. Education for peace is a
    preventive approach to conflict resolution based on
    the teaching and dissemination of the values of peace
    and equality. ICE implements programs for peace to a
    better understanding of conflict and structural forms
    of injustice, to solve in consultation and dialogue.
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    Public Administration
    ICE is specialized in public administration reform:
    modernization (scanning, IT, communicatin, egovernment),
    organizational and managerial restructuring,
    public personal training, transparence of
    pubic affairs, procedures improvement, etc.
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    ICE can count on a long experience in managing large
    cooperation projects in the design, implementation
    and evaluation of policies in the Health sector.


ICE EEIG was established to maximise the strengths of its members (know-how, experts’ network, financial capacity) ensuring the availability of a broad range of skills to the challenges of large Technical Assistance projects worldwide.

ICE (International Consulting Expertise) is based in Brussels and the group has other permanent branch offices (including in IPA and ACP countries) as well as several project offices around the world.

Together we work, enjoy and bring the change.

- ICE Team -

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ICE objective is to use different strengths (expertise, experience, network, financial capacity) of several international organisations in joining forces for bidding on large scale technical assistance funded projects and in implementing and managing the awarded projects.


We permanently employ an average of 150 experts on short-term and long-term assignments, we have several permanent offices (Ankara, Belgrade, Brussels (headquarters), Bucharest, Marseille and Paris), tens of project offices worldwide and an average annual turnover of more than 15 million euros. We have implemented more than 1000 projects in 179 countries, partnered with more than 300 companies worldwide and have developed a sophisticated interactive experts’ database of more than 12,000 CVs.





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