ICE helps to strengthen the rule of law in transition and developing countries (LDCs PVD). Essential prerequisite for the emergence and consolidation of democracy, the reform of justice and related institutions (police, prison administration, judicial youth protection), and to sustainable economic development, reform programs of the rule of law and justice require:

  • Legal Harmonization based on European and international standards;
  • Justice Reforms and the modernization of legal systems;
  • Initial training and retraining for justice personnel (judges, bailiffs, police personnel, penitentiary personnel);
  • Advice on justice related public policies : asylum laws, immigration, judicial cooperation;
  • Access to justice (legal aid, assistance to victims).

More specifically, the prison administration, the fundamental pillar of justice, is the subject of a comprehensive overhaul:

  • Modernisation of penitentiary structures;
  • Improvement of detention conditions;
  • Promotion and implementation of alternatives to detention;
  • Support to the implementation of reintegration policies.