The complex management of development projects requires continuous monitoring and regular adjustments, at all levels, including working methods, mobilization of human and material resources. Beyond the compliance with the specific rules of procedures for the development programs (procurement, tenders, grants), it is the quality and performance management that makes ICE reputation for decades. In order to improve aid effectiveness, donors are constantly looking for better visibility and accountability.

Therefore, ICE has worked to develop the continuous improvement of its methods and assessment and monitoring tools for efficient management which incorporates both the profitability and efficiency operational objectives, and strategic objectives programs implemented. The monitoring and evaluation activities involve: dashboards production, activity sheets, internal monitoring reports, financial reports and audits, etc. ICE is also actively involved in the results-oriented monitoring (ROM), the cost-benefit analyzes, feasibility studies and needs assessments, benchmarking and comparative studies. ICE conducts regular ROM missions for projects funded by the EC in Asia, the ACP and ENPI regions, at national, regional and global levels:

  • National level: references
  • Regional: references
  • Global: references