At ICE, we have a particular expertise in strengthening civil society thanks to permanent consultants specialized in this field, and in several geographical regions: ACP, MENA, ENPI, etc. The development of civil society involves a series of specific activities as referred to the Cotonou Agreement, article 6:

  • Capacity building (training, management of organizational and methodological skills);
  • Advocacy / lobbying activities;
  • Strategic Positioning: shared vision of CSOs, awareness campaigns on the role and place of CSOs;
  • Writing, management and accounting estimation programs (EU procedures);
  • Implementation of a communication strategy tailored to the NSA and NSA from government;
  • Implementation of effective consultation frameworks: citizen dialogue;
  • Decentralization and strengthening of local and municipal authorities;
  • Technical Assistance to the rights of minorities;
  • Development and strengthening the role of non-state actors;
  • Technical Assistance to the awareness of civil society;
  • Establishment of participatory mechanisms of civil society to institutional reforms.