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Evaluation finale du PASOC II

The final evaluation of the "Civil Society Support Programme" (PASOC II) was part of the EU's support to Nigerien civil society and in the context of the debate initiated by the EUD and the Member States finalized in the Roadmap on strategies to guide future CSO support in the country. The overall objectives of the mission as defined by the ToRs were to provide:

- An overall, independent assessment of the results of PASOC II, with particular reference to the results of the project in relation to its objectives;

- The main lessons of the intervention and recommendations to improve on-going measures and future actions.

Project Details

  • Country: Niger
  • Region: EDF / ACP,
  • Area of competence:
    Civil Society > Civil society empowerment
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: November 2015