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Ex-post evaluation of the EU funded programme "Promotion of the respect of Rule of Law in Kyrgyzstan with particular emphasis on Transparency and accountability"

The main objectives of this evaluation were to provide the relevant services of the European Union and the interested stakeholders with:
An overall independent assessment of the past performance of several of actions implemented under the programme;
Key lessons learned, conclusions and recommendations useful to improve the possible future actions.

In particular, this evaluation helped to understand the performance of the Actions implemented under the Programme, its enabling factors and those hampering a proper delivery of results and the planning of future EU interventions in the same sector.

The evaluation team took care of:

Assess the added value of the EU interventions (the extent to which the Actions bring additional benefits to what would have resulted from Member States’ intervention only);
Assess the coherence of the Actions itself, with the EU strategy in Central Asia/Kyrgyzstan and with other EU policies and Member State Actions and other donors and international organisations involved in the same sector;
Develop and follow a list of Evaluation Questions to be used during the exercise;
Implement interview with the relevant stakeholder;
Collect and analyse main data;
Organise meeting and trainings with stakeholders;
Produce a final report with reccomandations.

Project Details

  • Country: Kyrgyzstan
  • Region: Asia,
  • Area of competence:
    Justice > Reinforcement of the rule of law and administration of justice
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: June 2019