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Evaluation of DCI-ASIE/2010/21-730- Support to the Afghan Public Health and Nutrition Sector

The main purpose of the Evaluation of DCI-ASIE/2010/21-730- Support to the Afghan Public Health and Nutrition Sector was twofold:


·        To assess the efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and anticipated impact of the programme " Support to the Afghan Public Health and Nutrition Sector" and the prospects for its sustainability, as well as its relevance, 

·        To provide practical recommendations for the follow up actions and lessons learned.


The main objective of the programme “Support to the Afghan Public Health and Nutrition Sector” was to:

provid support to health sector through direct management off-budget until 2013 to (i)the institutional and capacity development of the MoPH at the central and provincial level to improve sector stewardship and a sector-wide approach; (ii) and aligned and harmonized support to quality health care service delivery in 10 provinces based upon the BPHS and EPHS. Ensuring equity in distribution of, and access to, services is an integral part of both objectives, including the offer of free services, and coverage and distribution of Health Care Service (HCS) facilities.

Project Details

  • Country: Afghanistan
  • Region: Central Asia,
  • Area of competence:
    Health > Health policy and administrative management_
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: March 2018