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Preparation of large IBM project for Ukraine

The general objective of the programme was to support the Ukrainian authorities in improvement of their strategic reference framework on IBM and the EUD with the identification and formulation of an EU funded IBM support programmes.

the specific objectives of the assignment were the following:

·       Analysis of state of play of IBM capability, cooperation, and implementation in Ukraine;

·       Identification of possible gaps against the benchmark of EuropeAid 2009 IBM Guidelines;

·       Recommendations for a revision of the Ukraine IBM strategy and IBM action plan;

·       The Action Document of the Programme for "A comprehensive IBM project in Ukraine".

According to the terms of reference the following activities were implemented:

·       Analyse all the existing relevant documents related to the Integrated Border Management (IBM);

·       Conduct meeting and consultations with all the relevant stakeholders;

·       Carry out field visits in the selected border area and conduct meetings in regional and local units of SBGS and Customs offices, as well as other services present at the border;

·       Visit the EUBAM (EU mission in Ukraine) in Odessa, State Border Guard Service (SBGS) and State Fiscal Service (SFS) training establishments or conduct Skype interview/teleconference with the representatives of these entities;

·       Conduct skype interviews with Frontex and other entities engaged in IBM;

·       Carry out a workshop presenting the findings;

·       Prepare of outline of the document with objectives, estimated results, targets group components, activities

·       Analyse components, activities, methodologies to prepare full-fledged Action Document in accordance with the requirements

·       Prepare the Action Document and the IBM Strategy.

Project Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Region: ENPI-East,
  • Area of competence:
    Conflict prevention and security > Security system management and reform
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: January 2018