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Background Paper on the post 2020 Debate and its implications for OCTs

The global objective of the assignment was to provide to OCTA and the OCTs with solid basis to understand the process and main options and scenarios regarding policies and legal frameworks of post 2020, with a view to clarifying the stakes and consequences on OCTs.

The specific objective of this assignment was to produce a paper that aimed to:

·       Inform the political leaders of the OCTs on aspects of the post-2020 framework that will or might impact the OCTs.

·       Identify what these aspects are and how OCTs can ensure that these aspects are integrated into the overall post-2020 debate;

·       Identify specific flashpoints and time lines where appropriate during the consultative process that can provide OCTs with opportunities to influence the post 2020 debate; and

·       Identify the different possible financing instruments/scenarios that could be used to financially support the OCT-EU partnership.

According to the terms of reference the following activities were implemented:

·       Provide adequate background on major developments at the EU and international levels that can impinge on the post 2020 debate;

·       Identify the time-line of major milestones for the post 2020 debate, and the main opportunities for OCTs to impact on the debate;

·       Review the expected impact on the EU-OCT partnership of possible post 2020 scenarios;

·       Identify the crucial questions for OCTs in the debate and the specific sectors/themes to which OCTs needed to pay particular attention and/or take action in terms of their defensive and offensive interests;

·       Elaborate on the way the main elements of the global sustainable development agenda (SDG's and Paris Agreement) continue to influence the post 2020 debate;

·       Conduct meeting and interviews with relevant stakeholders, with OCTA, EC and DEVCO;

·       Prepare the advanced Draft of the Background Paper;

·       Conduct phone interviews of OCTs officials in their countries/territories;

·       Moderate of a dedicated workshop (end March) aimed at presenting and discussing the final version of the Background Pape

·       Draft and finalise the Background Paper.

Project Details

  • Country: Belgium
  • Region: Caribbean,
  • Area of competence:
    Governance > Decentralisation and support to subnational government
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: December 2017