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Provision of expertise on Gender mainstreaming for the EU's Partnership Instrument

The objective of the 'PI Gender Facility' was to enhance PI projects effectiveness by mainstreaming and addressing gender in project design and implementation, including monitoring and evaluation.

The specific objective of this assignment was to provide PI staff at Headquarters and EU Delegations/Regional Teams with training, guidance notes and technical assistance on practical ways to mainstream gender in project design and implementation.

A team of three experts was involved in the implementation of the following task:

·       Initiate information gathering and preliminary analysis of available documents and information (Gender facility documents and toolkits, feedbacks on former trainings, needs, special requests, schedule, etc);

·       Preparation of the inception report, comprising:

-       Proposed work plan and approach/timetable for the field mission;

-       Reconstruction of the intervention logic/theory of change;

-       Delineation of the scope of the project;

-       Project documentation;

-       Review of the methodology and proposed evaluation tools;

-       Proposed structure of the coaching report and training report;

-       Proposed structure for the guidance notes;

·       Presentation and validation of the inception report;

·       Implementation of interviews with key stakeholders: requests for clarification/supplementary data and information (remote conferences/electronic communications with EU Headquarters, FPI.4 Staff and FPI Regional Team, etc.);

·       Identification of information gaps between former Gender Facility and current expectations;

·       Methodological design of the Field Phase and preparation for the field mission;

·       Implementation of briefings with EU Headquarters, FPI.4 Staff and FPI Regional Team for confirmation of work plan;

·       Implementation of consultations and collection of complementary data and information to adapt the toolkits to geographical and sector contexts and specific request: EU Headquarters, FPI.4 Staff and FPI Regional Team;

·       Implementation of training sessions for one person or for a group, in videoconference, phone or face to face in Brussels or EU Del.: division of coaching sessions between experts according to expertise required by the EU Del;

·       Preparation and finalisation of the final report.

Project Details

  • Country: Belgium
  • Region: Global,
  • Area of competence:
    Civil Society > Women’s equality organisations and institutions
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: December 2017