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Support for Strategic Planning Office

The global objective was to improve quality of Economic Reform Program (ERP) and implementation National Development Strategy (NDS), Economic Reform Program (ERP) and European Reform Agenda (ERA)


The specific objectives were the following:

·       Support to the Office of Prime Minister/Strategic Planning Office, Ministry of Finances and selected line ministries in improvement the development of ERP, through increased alignment with key policy planning documents and their reflection into the government annual work plan (GAWP);

·       Support the National ERP Coordinator and its structures in ensuring link between the macroeconomic and fiscal scenario and the structural reform agenda, including costing and ensuring better integration with short-term and mid-term budgetary planning of reform measures;

·       Support selected line areas (energy and education) in better policy planning of ERP 2018 measures and implementation of the 2017 priorities


According to the terms of reference the following activities were implemented:

·       Support SPO towards refining proposed ERP structural reform priorities to ensure consistency with other documents;

·       Support line ministries in identification and prioritisation of measures to be included in ERP 2018 based on the implementation of the 2017 measures and policy priorities;

·       Support in ensuring the consistency between ERP and ERA with NDS and their links with the MTEF;

·       Support National ERP Coordinator and relevant line ministries to better integrate policy planning documents (ERP, NDS and ERA) with mid-term budgetary planning at the level of objectives and activities;

·       Strengthen monitoring and implementation of ERP through better linkage with Government Annual Work Plan; Midterm Expenditure Framework and Annual Budget;

·       Assist the National ERP Coordinator and relevant line ministries to implement monitoring methodology;

·       Assist selected Ministries and their relevant departments in carrying out initial assessment on the reforms needed to strengthen the capacity for improved policy development and implementation;

·       Propose concrete measures which will allow the responsible institutions to better plan and implement high level priorities presented through NDS, ERP and ERA;

·       Support OPM/SPO to develop overall assessment of capacities methodology will ensure similar exercise can be carried in all relevant areas.

Project Details

  • Country: Kosovo
  • Region: IPA,
  • Area of competence:
    Governance > Support to democratisation
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: August 2017