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Mission d’Assistance Technique au Programme de renforcement de l'Offre et Développement de l'accès aux Soins de Santé (PRO DS)

General objective:

  • Contribute to the improvement of health status so that everyone can live in good health and promote the well-being of all at any age in the scope of universal health coverage.

Specific objectives:

  • Sustain access to quality health care, especially for vulnerable populations including women and children (MDGs 4 and 5);
  • Improve the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Public Health (MPH) at central and provincial level.

Project Details

  • Country: Congo RDC
  • Region: Africa
  • Area of competence:
    Health > Health policy and administrative management_
  • Donor organisation: Ministry of Finance / ON / NAO
  • Start of project: March 2018