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Ad-hoc advisory support to the Ministry of Health in implementing the Project ‘’Construction of 3 Regional Emergency Hospitals (REHs) in Romania’’ – AA-010555-001 LOT 3-HealthCare support, EIB

The overall objective of this Assignment is to assist the EIB PAS Team in their support to the MoH within the PASSA MoH.

The following types of results might be expected:

· For studies, opinions, proposals: a report analysing a specific problem, identifying potential options and recommending the best solutions, drafting final documents;

 · For verification of public procurement procedures: a report showing if and to what extent a particular public procurement procedure complies with the applicable rules and good practices and solutions for unclear and contradictory situations, drafting final documents;

· For legal measures - a legislative draft document, legal analysis/opinion, and similar;

- For action plans - descriptions, underlying assumptions, limitations, resources, sequences, timing, responsibles for carrying out the actions

Project Details

  • Country: Romania
  • Region: European Union,
  • Area of competence:
    Health > Health economics and health financing
  • Donor organisation: Other
  • Start of project: May 2021