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Increasing project implementation capacity of Metrorex – MEF PASSA 2 - AA-010668-001

The overall objective of this Assignment is to assist the EIB Project Advisory Support Team (EIB PAS Team) in their support to the Recipient: Metrorex SA, with an emphasis on the project management, including preparation, procurement and implementation of projects.

To this aim, the Service Provider will make available, during the assignment period, a number of experts to be mobilised as specified below under the duties of this assignment for a specific period and to perform the following specific tasks:

- Project Preparation – assist Metrorex in project preparation by elaborating options analysis, feasibility study for procurement of rolling stock and terms of reference.

- Procurement including assistance to preparation and implementation of public procurement procedures, preparation of tender documentation, setting up qualification/ award criteria, management of the evaluation process, technical support during the evaluation process and

dealing with queries from potential bidders and public procurement authorities.

- Provide transfer of skills through on-the-job and formal training to ensure a high level of skill transfer to Metrorex staff

Project Details

  • Country: Romania
  • Region: European Union,
  • Area of competence:
    Monitoring & Evaluation > Decent Work
  • Donor organisation: Other
  • Start of project: August 2021