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Support in establishing a CTT to manage the Waste Sector within the MoE

Overall objective

The Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests is preparing a project that will be funded by LIOP programme whose overall objective is to implement the governance measures included in the National Waste Management Plan (NWMP) approved at the end of 2017. To achieve this general objective, the project includes two specific objectives, namely the creation of a team with high competencies dedicated to the municipal waste sector for the implementation of the governance measures within the NWMP and the effective implementation of the governance measures. The overall objective of this Assignment is to assist the EIB Project Advisory Support Team (PAS Team) in their support to MoEWF for implementing the first objective of the LIOP project, by creating a technical team (TT) with high competence in the field of waste management for increasing the institutional capacity of the MoEWF.


For the successful implementation of governance measures included in NWMP, MoEWF needs to strengthen institutional capacity and increase the number of human resources dedicated to the solid waste sector. The purpose of the Assignment is to assist the MoEWF in setting up a TT, which, together with the

technical directorate of the MoEWF, will contribute significantly to the implementation of the governance measures included in NWMP. The TT will have as main responsibilities the implementation of the governance measures included in the NWMP, the financing of its activity being carried out within a project financed through LIOP, for which the financing request is being elaborated.

This contract comprises the following components:

- Establish the working framework (analysing options, taking into account legislation) and

organisation of the TT

- Preparation of organigram including main responsibilities

- Preparation of job description and working procedures

- Train the TT staff

Project Details

  • Country: Romania
  • Region: European Union,
  • Area of competence:
    Environment > Environmental policy and administrative management
  • Donor organisation: Other
  • Start of project: August 2021