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Political Economy Analysis of the Social Protection Sector in Iraq

Global objective
The overall objective is to provide an in-depth political economy analysis of the social
protection landscape in Iraq, including
opportunities and constraints, underlying
dynamics, incentives, patterns and informal power relations
that affect the
efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of current reform efforts in order to create
the right understanding for policy dialogue and operational implementation in the social
protection sector.

 Specific objective(s)
The specific objectives of the contract are:
- To
analyse the different political, social and economic factors that shape policymaking on social assistance, social care, social insurance and active labour market
policies in Federal Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, including in the
humanitarian response;
- To
analyse the various national andlocal actors, as well as international actors
involved in social protection policy
, including in the humanitarian response, their
respective roles, agendas and influence over the policy-making process;
- To
establish which factors and actors drive or hinder reform and uptake of
Social Protection policy
, focussing on national efforts, sub-national, nonGovernment efforts but also including current programmes supported by donors in
- To
identify agents, avenues, triggers of change as well as concrete actions
including policy dialogue
that can support sustainable long-term reform of the
social protection system in Iraq.

Project Details

  • Country: Iraq
  • Region: ENPI-South,
  • Area of competence:
    Social Services > Social/ welfare services
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: December 2021