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Sustainable Integration of Disadvantaged People to Labour Force in TRB1 Region

The overall objective of the project is to promote social inclusion and improving access for all to quality employment and education services and the purpose of this contract is to promote social inclusion of women and youth who are in poverty or at risk of poverty in the TRB1 Region by facilitating access of their integration to the labour market.


The Project will contribute to the overall objective of the Sectoral Operational Programme, which is the promotion of progress of Turkey toward European social model and the alignment of the country with EU acquis in Employment, Education and Social Policy, by giving priority to tackle one of the major challenges of Turkish labour market, namely increasing participation of disadvantaged women and youth people limited to the people who are in poverty or at risk of poverty to the labour force in TRB1 Region. This Project is designed to increase the employment and employability of disadvantaged people, facilitate their access to labour market and eliminate barriers for their entrance into the labour market and promote their social inclusion.


To this aim, five categories of interventions are planned. In the first place, with the services and trainings for target groups intervention, vocational and skill-building trainings will be designed for the target groups. They will also be given professional career guidance and psychological counselling services within the scope of the Project.


Results to be achieved:

Result 1: Vocational skills of women and youth who are in poverty or at risk of poverty in the TRB1 Region are improved.

Result 2: Institutional capacity of Firat Development Agency, social partners, related institutions and universities to enhance the access of disadvantaged women and youth in the TRB1 Region to the labour market is increased.

Result 3: Wide range of people is accessed through awareness-raising campaigns/events on the women and youth employment issues.

Project Details

  • Country: Turkey
  • Region: IPA,TR,
  • Area of competence:
    Social Services > Employment policy and administrative management
  • Donor organisation: Other
  • Start of project: July 2021